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The 15th International Conference on

Vibrations at Surfaces

June 22-26, 2015 ▪ Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

Donostia Igeldotik



Tuesday June 23

09:00-10:40 Tu1: Transport in electronic devices
10:40-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-13:00 Tu2: Surface diffusion and migration
13:00-15:30 Lunch break (on your own)
15:30-16:40 Tu3: Chemistry and growth of graphene
16:40-17:20 Coffee break
17:20-18:50 Tu4: Electron-phonon coupling in graphene
19:00-21:30 Poster session A

19:00-21:30 Poster session A

The poster boards in the conference room are dedidated to the posters listed below until Wednesday June 24, 11:00.
  1. Al Taleb: Surface Structure and Acoustic Phonon Dynamics of graphene on Ni(111)
  2. Alducin: Is the van der Waals interaction relevant to the dissociative dynamics of N2 on W(110)?
  3. Cabrera-Sanfelix: Diffusion of H2O on a NaCl(100)
  4. Campi: Structural and dynamical properties of methylated Ge(111) surface
  5. Carbonell: Adsorption site dependence of vibrational excitations of molecular hydrogen
  6. De Corato: Raman characterization of cove-shape graphene nanoribbons: a first principles study
  7. Frederiksen: Strong electron-phonon coupling in the σ-band of graphene
  8. Jelinek: Effect of metallic electrodes on opening mechanism of Diarylethene molecule: non-adiabatic molecular dynamics study
  9. Kumagai: Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of graphene nanoribbon on Au(111)
  10. Lončarić: Femtosecond laser driven molecular dynamics on surfaces: O2 on Ag(110)
  11. Manson: The mass correction factor λ of conducting surfaces directly determined from the Helium atom scattering Debye-Waller exponent
  12. Mendonça: Inelastic disordered transport applied to graphene nanoribbons with hydroxyl impurities
  13. Noei: Monitoring the interaction of CO with graphene supported metal nanoparticles by vibrational spectroscopy
  14. Rogero: Metal organic complexes induce surface nanostripes
  15. Shkrebtii: Electron-hole transport over surfaces or interfaces in Si, SiC and GaAs based β-voltaic systems
  16. Smerieri: Enhanced chemical reactivity of pristine graphene strongly interacting with a substrate: chemisorbed CO on graphene/Ni(111)
  17. Sugimoto: Theory of rotational inelastic electron tunneling for physisorbed H2
  18. Tanaka: Proposal of a new scattering mechanism in the electron energy loss spectroscopy: A case study in graphite
  19. Widdra: Surface vibrations of Strontium Ruthenates